» 30 Day Character Challenge - Day 8-12

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tags: 30daycharchallenge + this one is especially wordy + bluuugh + mabinogi +

commission for oktayvia! 

tags: mabinogi + i really like how this turned out hhhhhhh + quindraws + mabiart +

selfie w/ the bae

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The Drama Iria 2: Episode 5 Login Screen

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» 30 Day Character Challenge - Day 5-7

[ghhh i haven’t been keeping up with this]

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tags: 30daycharchallenge + i feel like ive posted too much on the mabi tag as of todAY + hahaa..aaa..hah.ah.aa.......... + so i wont put it on there +

bohemian wears are My Life Blood

tags: mabinogi + quindraws + especially bohem for males....... + sIGH +

setting skies

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heyo i’m opening commissions once more and in the styles shown above

prices are as follows:

full body/colored/chibi: 1m

full body/colored/normal: 3m

bust/colored/normal: 2m

painted/bust: 2m

this is on alexina btw, however if you’re on another server i can take nx instead. also, like last time, i’m only taking three slots. oh yeah, i’m also not doing couple commissions this round. and that’s pretty much it, you guys know the deal. you can contact me on here or in game. i’ll update the post as slots fill up uwu

1. Oktayvia


tags: mabinogi + quindraws + o ye i didnt put it on there + ign: Quinrose +


tags: mabinogi + quindraws + i never really got to draw the fam together so + bam + its just a doodle tho + i might do someth better later who kNOWS + i just wanna draw fam yanno +

final part of the commission for sketchyophelia!! i hope that they were overall to your liking uwu

tags: mabinogi + side note that's kinda irrelevant but + i like how these two are so opposite + color wise at least + quindraws +